How To Send 1000 Email For Free With Herculist Plus?

Today, I'll teach you how to get your ad in front of 1000 people every single day for free using Herculist Plus regular mailing in form of ad.


Herculist Plus Safelist: How To Send 1000 Email For Free?

Today, I'll teach you how to get your ad in front of 1000 people every single day for free.

If you pay for an ad the usual manner, through platforms like Google or Facebook, it may be rather costly.

This post is for you if you want to drive visitors to your website but don't have the funds to create a sponsored advertisement.

I've already demonstrated How To Get 1022 Free Website Visitors Every 3 Days, How To Get 2000 Potential Free Leads Every 4 Days, and How To Get 1500 Potential Free Leads Every 3 Days for your online business.

If you haven't already done so, do so either before or after you finish this one, whatever is most convenient for you.

We will use Herculist Plus to achieve this, but before we go into the details of how to send the email, let me give you some background information about them.

What Is A Safelist, Exactly?

A safelist is an email address book that allows you to send emails to other safelist members. It is an online database of individuals, primarily internet marketers, who have given the safelist's owner permission to send daily offers to their email addresses.

The offers might be for any type of product or service, but the majority of safelists provide business opportunities or internet marketing services to help people make money online.

The safelist's owner will compile a list of the safelist's members. In the case of the Herculist safelist, this list contains 183,000 members.

This number will rise whenever a new user decides to join Herculist in order to get their emails.

Members of the safelist will give the safelist's owner permission to receive email offers from other safelist members.

Members of the safelist are often online marketers, and as a result, they get offers from other online marketers. As a consequence, a safelist is self-serving because your purpose is to sell your offer, but in exchange, you get to analyze someone else's.

As a result, most people try to avoid safelists; nevertheless.

What is the difference between Herculist Plus and a Herculist Plus Ad?

Herculist Plus is a newer version of the original Herculist, which was born from, one of the first email marketing lists ever produced in 1998.

A Herculist Plus ad is a targeted advertisement that is sent to thousands of subscribers who have opted in to receive it.

Herculist Plus has three membership levels: free, gold, and pro.

While free users may advertise to 1000 individuals per day, gold members can advertise to the complete database of members every other day, and pro members can advertise to the entire Herculist Plus database, which presently includes over 85,000 members, daily.

They also have an affiliate program where you can make a 25% commission on membership plans as a free member, up to 50% commissions as a Gold Member, or 50% commissions on all Solo Ads purchased through the Solo Ad and Mega-Mail affiliate programs for any member.

You can also get a $5 bonus if you sign up right now.

You may advertise on Herculist Plus in a variety of ways to generate prospective leads for your website, blog, affiliate marketing business, or pretty much anything else that is legal (be sure to check their rules and guidelines ).

You may use their integrated email opt-in list, Zone Surfing, Prime Ads, or HercuBlurb to create an ad.

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Mailer from HercuList: This is how, as said above, you can send your email/web-based ad to 1000 people every day for free or to the complete database if you upgrade to one of the paying memberships, and this is what we will be focusing on in this post.

the zone: Surf websites in the zone to get near-instant traffic to your own site.

HercuBlurb: HercuBlurb allows you to create and submit huge web-based advertising.

Solo Ads, Mega-Mail, Buyers List, and i-BLAST are some of the other ad services offered by Herculist Pro.

How to Send Email to 1,000 People in a Single Day With Herculist Plus?

Herculist plus how to send emails

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's look at how to send a Herculist email to 1000 individuals every day.

PRIME ADVERTISING: Get your genuine website listed in the HercuList site's PRIME sections.

Go to the login page after you've signed up, enter in your username and password, and click the blue login button.

Click the blue MEMBERS symbol at the top right of the main menu once you've signed into Herculist Plus.

This will take you to your main account page, which contains all of your Herculist information. To send the email, go to the top menu and select the orange icon that reads "Submit email/web ad."

You'll be shown another advertisement once more. These are the PRIME ADS available to Herculist members. Simply select "Continue to Ad Mailers" from the drop-down menu.

Finally, you'll arrive at a blue screen with information such as the regulations, mailing status, and more than reads "Submit Ad."

Scroll down and you'll see "Regular Mailer" on the left side and "Credit Mailer" on the right.

Herculist Plus regular mailing

You send an email to 1000 random individuals every day using the ordinary mailer, and you use the credit mailer to send out an ad using credits you earn by clicking on adverts in your email.

That's how you may send your ad to 1,000 individuals for free every day.

If you have any questions regarding this Email Your Ad To 1,000 People A Day For Free post, or if you have a proposal for a new article that you think would be useful, please leave a comment below!

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